Welcome to Essence Body Mind Studio

Northwest Ohio's premier Yoga and Pilates studio, specializing in group exercise classes and private sessions.

Essence exists to provide enhanced fitness and wellness through our variety of classes and private sessions while focusing on the essence of each individual we serve. Our exciting range of mind-body exercise programs are designed to sculpt, strengthen and balance your body while focusing your mind and spirit on achieving equilibrium. We work on exercising the entire person, reinforcing the harmony and union of mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of a healthier life.

Essence instructors specialize in providing challenging yet safe exercise programs customized to suit your fitness and wellness goals. Our expertise lies in developing fitness programs in a variety of areas, and tailoring programs to accommodate any age and experience level. We offer beginner programs in nearly all of our classes, to help initiate and introduce new students to the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates in a graduated manner. We also offer classes designed for pre & postnatal fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation, pain management, muscle activation, physical therapy and athletic training.

You are far more than just your body; however, your body is the most important tool you have to express who you are and to live your dreams. In caring for your body you must also take care of all that you are - your essence - to truly live a healthy life.

Diana M. Spiess Owner

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program

Designed to help educate future yoga teachers and instructors in how to best serve their students in a studio setting

This is a rare opportunity for you to dive even deeper into your yoga practice and become not only an expert in Yoga practice and techniques, but a learned instructor able to help introduce others to Yoga therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to sign up to take your next step in becoming a certified Yoga instructor contact Essence today at (419) 873-6463