Essence's Body sculpting class is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, focused on core strength and core conditioning. Most sculpting classes will use weight bars, exercise bands, and dumbbells to strengthen muscle groups and help increase muscle mass and density. You perform traditional weight-training moves in this group strength training class, designed to help you get stronger with the guidance of an instructor and the motivation of being with your classmates. Find out how to get that chiseled physique you've always wanted, by focusing on core, abdominal, back and hip muscle group strengthening.

Body Sculpting classes are more rigorous than your typical fitness class, and are designed for those individuals interested in increasing muscle mass and adding more muscle to their physique. The instructor will be able to tailor a program to the students needs, and will help prevent you from injury, but please be mindful of your own limitations before signing up for this class.