Prenatal Yoga

Specifically designed for those experiencing the journey of pregnancy, Prenatal Yoga will help alleviate aches and pains, while preparing the body and mind for the birth of your baby. The smooth, gentle movement of this yoga program will help stretch muscles and alleviate strain on the body while helping purify the body for both mother and child. Yoga can also help with many common pregnancy symptoms, including nausea, back pain, fatigue, insomnia and prenatal stress and anxiety. In addition to these immediate benefits, poses in the class will help improve circulation, digestion, strengthen the uterus and prepare the body, mind and spirit. Experience empowerment of pregnancy and relaxing, restorative poses with each class and learn how to prepare both your body and mind for the journey of motherhood ahead.

No previous yoga experience is necessary - perfect for any expecting mother curious about how Yoga can help with pregnancy related stress and anxiety.