Glory Meyer

What classes do you teach?
Advanced Vinyasa Flow
Gentle Yoga
Hot Yoga
Warm Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga I
Yoga I: Vinyasa Flow
Training and Certifications
  • Yoga Alliance 200-HR RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
  • Essence of Yoga 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training
Favorite exercise(s) and why?
My favorite type of exercise is practicing yoga of course! My favorite style or type of yoga is Vinyasa Flow. My favorite pose is a Vinyasa Flow practice is Crescent High Lunge because it strengthens glutes, legs, core, and back, as well as stretching hip flexors, and opening throat and heart chakras. It is a very empowering pose!
Favorite thing(s) to do when not exercising/working?
My favorite things to do when I’m not working out or teaching Yoga are:
  • Being with my son and husband.
  • Being with friends and family.
  • Reading and learning about yoga poses and their benefits, as well as nutrition and holistic health.
Favorite food and movie?
  • Favorite food - Watermelon!
  • Favorite movie - “Good Will Hunting”
Why do you believe in Essence mbs and what are your goals for the clients you work with at Essence?
I believe in Essence because I believe everyone working at Essence really wants to help others feel better and be healthier. I enjoy being around others who are conscientious of their health and want to do everything they can to live a healthy lifestyle. I also value and appreciate the smaller class sizes and individual interactions between instructors and clients. What I want for my clients is for them to feel that they are experiencing both physical and mental/emotional benefits from attending my classes. I hope they feel healthier in every way after practicing Yoga with me!