Another high impact combination program, this class blends the aerobic exercise of the cycling class with the flexibility and core strengthen and conditioning of a Pilates class. By borrowing heavily from both disciplines, our Cycle and Pilates class will give you a total body work out focusing on core, quads, back and lower body. Find out how combining a group cycling class with a comprehensive Pilates program can take your fitness to the next level, with a program designed to increase core and leg strength as well as balance and flexibility in cyclists, so you can get your body into peak conditioning for those long bike rides and races. This class is not just for cyclists, as everyone can benefit from exercises targeting those core and lower body muscle groups, while promoting greater flexibility and control of the entire body.

This program is appropriate for beginners to advanced practitioners of Pilates programs. It is beneficial to have some Pilates experience, in either mat or reformer programs, but is not required. Feel free to ask one of our instructors if Cycle and Mat Pilates is the right class for you to continue your fitness journey.