Butts & Guts

Essence's Butts and guts is a special focus class just for your lower body! Sculpt, shape, and strengthen your abdominal, buttock, and thigh muscle groups in this targeted, high-impact workout. This class will strengthen and tone all your core muscles, working on the back, butt and thighs in particular. By combining elements of Pilates, strength training, BOSU, resistance bands and more, this class is sure to get those ab and tush muscles firmed up and well toned. Perfect for those students looking to shed a few pounds and bring out the trimmer, sleeker, more toned body from top to bottom. Come ready to sweat and burn in all the right places!

Butts and Guts is appropriate for any experience level fitness student. This class is designed for all individuals, as you can work at your own pace and to your own comfort level.